The distinctive feature of Nodo is the formation of a wet, structural and monolithic joint. The calculation configuration obtained with Nodo is hyperstatic and not merely in simple support, thus surpassing the traditional types of connection in prefabricated buildings.


Nodo, is the creator of the exclusive hyperstatic column-beam junction system, covered by an international industrial patent, tested by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padua.

Nodo surpasses the limits of the traditional types of connection adopted for buildings that are factory-produced and assembled on site.

This high quality is obtained by strict production, control and traceability procedures for every single product made in the factory and assembled on site.

The system ensures a “monolithicity” of the structural joints which allows the transmission of the bending moment, making the building completely earthquake-proof. Nodo’s technology enables the optimal use of space and light in living spaces, with considerable advantages from a purely architectural point of view too.

Point’s structural components for earthquake-proof architecture are ideal for use in multi-storey residential buildings and in the construction of schools, hospitals, business centres and offices, multi-storey car parks, industrial warehouses and commercial buildings.